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The Aviatrix game was created in 2022 by a company of the same name. It brought a real innovation in the world of crash games. Its peculiarity lies in the use of progressive technologies and NFT elements. This is its main difference from ordinary slots. During the gameplay, users watch an airplane that increases its win multiplier, creating a tense and exciting atmosphere.

Aviatrix offers users not only entertainment, but also an opportunity to test their intuition at crucial moments. The game is available 24/7 at PIn-UP online casino. The platform provides constant access to exciting gameplay for users from all over the world.

What is the Aviatrix game at PIN-UP?

In Aviatrix, every user will be a part of an exciting flight. The opportunity to rip off a score in a short time is the main feature of the game. The maximum bet winnings are as much as x10000! The combination of high quality graphics and exciting gameplay makes each flight a unique experience, immersing you in the atmosphere of a real airplane flight.

Here, you’re not only trying your luck, but you’re also entering a game of strategy and instant decisions. Aviatrix goes beyond the ordinary, offering a journey through the skies with the chance of big wins.

The game features 

Aviatrix is a dynamic crash game in which users bet on an increasing win multiplier and watch an airplane take off. The main goal of each round is to cash out the bet before the plane crashes.

Name of the gameAviatrix
Date of issue06.10.2022
GenreCrash game
Minimum bet$0.1
Maximum bet10$
Maximum winningх10000

The Aviatrix playing rules 

In Aviatrix crash game, every round offers new opportunities and challenges. The rounds vary in length and the maximum multiplication reaches x10 000. The basic rules of the game are as follows:

  • Users place bets on a virtual airplane.
  • The option to place one or two bets in each round is provided.
  • The round comes to an end at the moment when the airplane explodes.
  • Autoplay is provided for automatic participation in the rounds.
  • The access to statistics from previous rounds for analysis and strategy is given.

Aviatrix offers users not only an opportunity to test their intuition, but also to develop strategies based on previous results, which makes each round unique and exciting.

How the Aviatrix game principal works

The provable fairness in Aviatrix is a key element that is ensured by modern cryptographic solutions. This system guarantees 100% honesty and reliability of the game results, excluding any external interference. 

The outcome of each round is not formed on centralized servers, but is generated through the participants of the game. This ensures full transparency and eliminates the possibility of manipulation. Each user can independently check the trustworthiness of the result.

The Aviatrix RTP

Aviatrix stands out for its medium volatility and high return to player (RTP) of 97%. This game is based on the principles of provable integrity, allowing users to check the random number generator. The game also offers personalization and progression options, including opening new aircraft models, earning experience points and participating in tournaments.

How to play Aviatrix

You can play Aviatrix either for money or for free at PIN-UP casino. To start playing, you need to go to the casino website, select the “Crash games” section and start Aviatrix. Set the bet amount and click “Bet”. There are about five seconds between rounds to place your bet and participate in the next round. To claim your winnings, you need to hit “Land” at the right moment. If you don’t manage to do it before the plane crashes, the bet will be lost.


You can place one or two bets in Aviatrix, and the outcome of each round is decided by a random number generator. The user has five seconds before the start of each round to place a bet. The odds are randomly generated. It is impossible to predict it in advance.


It is the multiplier that decides how much you can earn at the end of each round. It’s as simple as possible. The longer the round goes on, the higher the multiplier. During the game, you should rely on your intuition and skillfully choose the moment when you should cash out your bet. To do this, you need to press the “Land” button.


The auto-landing multiplier in Aviatrix will be maximally useful for many users. This option allows you to pre-configure the system to automatically withdraw bets when the game reaches a set odds. Users can easily lock in their profits once the odds reach the desired value.

Double bet

At Aviatrix, users have the ability to place up to two bets in a single round. This detail allows you to set different withdrawal odds for each bet and gives users more control. It is especially useful for those who play by strategy. With this option, you can manage your risks more effectively and increase your chances of winning.

Aviatrix game features

The interface of the game offers more than just the standard control panel at the bottom of the screen. A special feature is the ability to see in the center an image of an airplane taking off and the current odds for bets. Aviatrix slot includes several additional information blocks such as:

  • The top of the screen displays the latest maximum odds. The data are updated in real time and help users in their betting allocation decisions.
  • On the left side of the screen, in the “Participants” section, the data of the current round are shown, including the amounts of the users’ contributions, the moment of withdrawal and the final winnings.
  • In the “My Bets” block, users can track the effectiveness of their bets, as well as distinguish between winning and losing rounds throughout the game.
  • The “Rewards” section is dedicated to the best users who have performed outstandingly. The ratings are displayed here, taking into account the accumulated experience and maximum odds.

The function of placing two bets at the same time to increase risk or according to the chosen strategy is available. Additionally, in the game settings, users can navigate to various sections including the market, leaderboard, game instructions and fairness check of the generated results.

Bonus system in Aviatrix

Aviatrix pays its special attention to the gameplay, without an overabundance of bonus elements. The assembly mode, in which users are able to customize and modify their NFT aircraft, is the main addition to the standard game mechanism. There is also an experience point system available that tracks user progress and achievements in the game. This system allows users to gauge their growth and compare their skills with other participants.


In the Aviatrix game , users have a unique opportunity to participate in daily tournaments with customized aircraft. To participate, users must meet two basic conditions:

  • Place a bet using a customized aircraft.
  • Take into account the rewards already received earlier.

Winners are determined each day. The size of the award is directly related to the game experience. Thus, the more experience a user has, the bigger his reward can become.


The tabs available in the leaderboard are “Leaders” and “Wins”. On the “Leaders” tab users can view the top participants by different time periods: day, week, month and all time. 

The “Winnings” tab shows the amounts that users have won during a certain period. Taking into account the award information, users can estimate Aviatrix’s potential winnings based on their activity and bets with custom planes.

Create your own aircraft

To build your airplane, you can choose the basic features as well as many additional details and embellishments. The color palette will allow you to make your aircraft recognizable and unique. In addition to the appearance, the option to customize the features is available to improve the performance of your air vessel in different game conditions. This tool will help you not only stand out among other users, but also gain an edge in competitions.

Reliable online casinos where you can play the Aviatrix game

When it comes to choosing a site to play Aviatrix for money, you can’t ignore PIN-UP casino. The gaming club has gained popularity among users due to its uninterrupted access. You can immerse yourself in the world of Aviatrix at any time that suits you.

But what really sets PIN-UP apart is its lucrative bonuses, cashback and other promotions. They can not only boost your initial deposit, but also significantly increase your chances of winning at Aviatrix. Every new user at PIN-UP casino can count on a bonus of up to 450 000 INR + 250 free spins.

How to start playing Aviatrix for real money

Want to play Aviatrix for real money? Start by registering on the PIN-UP casino website. This process will only take a couple of minutes. First, go to the PIN-UPofficial site. Find the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner. Click on it. Choose the registration method that is convenient for you. Then fill out the questionnaire. It will be necessary to enter personal data and come up with a password. After that, click “Sign up”. And that’s it, you are ready to fly in Aviatrix for real money.

Deposit and withdrawals

Ready for a thrilling flight at Aviatrix with real bets? The first step is to deposit your game balance. It’s easy to do:

  • Go to the PIN-UP casino website and log in to your balance. 
  • Find the “Cash desk” section there. 
  • Choose a deposit procedure. There are many methods: UPI, Visa, MasterCard, PhonePe, PayTM, Neteller and others.
  • Enter the amount and press the confirmation button.

The funds will instantly appear on the game balance. Now you are in full readiness to fly for big winnings.

How to play on your cell phone

Aviatrix offers limitless convenience for mobile users. The game is designed to fit perfectly on smartphone and tablet screens. You can enjoy the game anywhere and anytime on Android or IOS devices. All you need is a stable Internet connection. You will be able to choose between practicing in demo mode or playing for real money.

Aviatrix game promo codes and bonuses

PIN UP casino welcomes new users with special benefits. For beginners, there is an attractive first deposit bonus that can reach as much as INR 450 000. If you register and make your first deposit in the first hour, a unique 120% bonus will be available to you. In case you miss this deadline, there is still an opportunity to get a 100% bonus on your deposit amount. In addition, PIN-UP casino offers various bonuses and promotions such as cashback and promo codes, increasing your chances of success in the Aviatrix game.

Winning strategies and tactics for playing Aviatrix

In Aviatrix, many users practice the Martingale strategy. Its essence is to double your bets after each loss. You start with $2. If you lose, you bet $4, then $8 and so on. This continues until you win or reach the bet limit.

There is also a reverse Martingale. Here the bets increase after wins and decrease after losses. Other methods include the D’Alambert system, in which the bet changes depending on the outcome of the previous game, and the Labouchere system with a numerical sequence. The key to these strategies is to play wisely and not to exceed the amount you are willing to lose.

Help & advice

Before diving into the world of Aviatrix with real bets, beginners should start with the demo mode. When you decide to play for money, it is important to adhere to the following principles:

  • Determine the maximum amount to bet and the desired winnings. Do not depart from these limits to avoid large losses.
  • You should not risk the amounts whose loss will affect your lifestyle. Use only the funds you have.
  • To avoid losing control, set yourself a time limit for playing.
  • Develop your own game plan or use proven strategies.
  • Play only on licensed platforms with a good reputation. For example, PIN-UP casino.
  • In Aviatrix, it is important to be able to stop in time and trust your intuition.

Aviatrix for money is a fun activity, but always keep in mind the possible financial risks. Start with the free mode to better understand the game. Only then move on to betting for real money.

Aviatrix demo mode

Aviatrix demo opens up a safe game for beginners. It is the perfect simulator for those who want to understand the rules and strategies without risking real money. users get a chance to develop their own tactics. In the demo version, you can experiment, explore and learn how to manage your bets. It is the perfect preparation for playing for real money.


What is Aviatrix?

Aviatrix is an exciting crash game from the developer of the same name. People consider it to be one of the most popular games today.

What game modes are available in Aviatrix?

There are two modes available: demo mode and real money mode.

Where can I play Aviatrix?

Aviatrix is offered on the PIN-UP casino platform, which is known for its quality service and bonuses.

How to start playing Aviatrix for real money?

You need to register and log in to your balance on the PIN-UP casino website.

Is it possible to play Aviatrix on a smartphone?

Sure. You can use the mobile version or download the app.

What bonuses does PIN-UP casino offer when playing Aviatrix?

PIN-UP casino regularly offers various bonuses, promotions and promo codes for its users.

Is there an option to customize the gameplay at Aviatrix?

The game offers various customization options to tailor the gameplay to the player’s preferences.

What are the features of the Aviatrix crash game?

Aviatrix features an aviation theme, interesting bonuses and high-quality graphics.

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